Some cool amazon en, images: Alien Souls Image by KROCKY MESHKIN This assisted self portrait was captured around during the October 8th total lunar eclipse while inside Vasquez Rocks park. The image was created in one exposure using a wireless flash light me. I then jumped out of frame while the shutter was still open and a friend ran in to...
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Some cool web amazon, images: spider side view Image by The Black Azar Tropical orb weaver, Eriophora fuliginea? Image by Ecuador Megadiverso more photos from the Yasuni Research Station in my album Yasuni
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Some cool amazon en español, images: Libro recibido: "The new normal", de Peter Hinssen Image by edans "The new normal", de Peter Hinssen. Este me lo leí hace unos meses en inglés y me gustó mucho. Ahora llega la traducción al español editado por AECOC. Pena que le hayan puesto un precio de locos... Los Elegidos (Spanish Edition) Image by D.Clow -...
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by KROCKY MESHKIN The Apple MacBook Pro is a serious gift for the holiday season.  With Black Friday sales and Pre-Black Friday sales going on there are Apple computer fans everywhere looking for the right price in a MacBook.  One of the best places to look for a bargain price in laptops of any kind is  They...


Some cool amazon a, images: Amazon Image by PHOTOPHANATIC1 coming into Manaus Amazon Image by Nao Iizuka amazon Image by Galería de ► Bee, like bees! <3
by babelglyph The latest in Amazon's Kindle ebook reader family - the DX was announced in early May, just a few weeks after the launch of the Kindle 2 in February. Ever since then Kindle owners and prospective owners have been speculating about just how big the changes and enhancements in the DX in comparison with the Kindle...